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Since its beginning in 1978, APS has developed a superior series of marketing, networking, promotional, and support programs for its select professional actor and actress members.  Full APS membership includes the following:

The Personal Delivery of Your Photos
to a minimum of 50 active producers and casting people every week

These are industry professionals who have the ability to hire you for upcoming legitimate union feature film and television projects, the majority of which are scheduled to begin "official casting" three weeks to three months in the future. Your photos are hand-delivered, whenever possible, by people who work with, and are a part of, the APS organization.

Electronic Submissions of Your Photos & Resumes
to a minimum of 50 additional active producers and casting people every week

These are additional industry professionals who also have the ability to hire you for upcoming legitimate union feature film and television projects, the majority of which are scheduled to begin "officially casting" from one to five months in the future.

Detailed Weekly Reports

Each week you will receive an email with a link to a hidden section of the HollywoodSuccess.com website where you can view your personal weekly report.  It gives you detailed information on all of the producers who received the delivery of your photo and resume and all of the producers who received your photo and resume electronically during the previous week.

Audition Preparation
And Additional Helpful Information

Every time you get an interview, call the APS offices. APS can usually provide you with a good deal of information on the person you will be meeting. The more you know about the person and the project beforehand, the greater your probability of landing the job. "The audition is won before you go into the office."

Major Networking Events at Private Estates


These are Informal Meetings with positive, professional, active producers, directors, and other industry professionals in a relaxed businesslike, "family reunion" type atmosphere (a wonderful and unique feeling of "community" and support - not a "Hollywood party") on a regular basis through the APS Entertainment Industry Networking Events. There are always more producers that actors attending. APS produces a briefing luncheon for the actors a few days before the actual networking event. At the briefing, the actors receive booklets (35+ pages) that contain information on the upcoming networking event and information on all of the industry people who have R.S.V.P.'d. These briefing/meetings are usually held in restaurant banquet rooms and often feature additional producer and director speakers. Each actor is invited to schedule a separate individual "strategy session" with APS President, S.W. "Rock" Riddle prior to the network. APS personnel are available at the actual networking event to introduce the individual actors to the appropriate producers. These events are highly successful. They always produce auditions and interviews for APS members, and many actors have worked as a result of meeting producers at these events.   

World Premiere

Full APS membership includes invitations to multiple World Premiere Red Carpet Events, and many of the APS actors are able to actually walk the red carpet.  For upcoming opportunities, please check our Calendar of Events.  

Personal Introductions at
Many Additional Events

Between fifty and one hundred-plus good entertainment industry networking opportunities take place in the Greater Los Angeles area every month.  APS is able to gain access - for the actor clients -  to the majority of these events.  Actor clients are personally introduced to as many of the appropriate producers as possible.  Actors who attend a fair amount of these events can expect to be personally introduced to several active producers per event - dozens per month and literally hundreds per year!

Empowerment Luncheons

APS produces "empowerment" luncheons for actor-members. In addition to providing a great opportunity to set and achieve goals, these events provide an excellent opportunity for the actors to get to know each other, and, when appropriate, suggest each other to producers. Dozens of APS actors have been hired by this type of referral.   

Typing, Typesetting, Updating and Printing of Resumes
to insure maximum result-producing potential and psychological appeal

Counseling and Career Guidance
from professionals who really know the film and television industry

An Investigative Service
for APS members (the truth - who's legitimate, professional, and ethical in the industry and who isn't!)
APS President Rock Riddle's college degree is in Criminology and Law Enforcement -- He did investigative, detective, and surveillance-type work to put himself through college.

World-Wide Exposure
through our Web site:

The ONLY Web site featuring actors who have been interviewed, auditioned, and pre-screened.
That's why  it works!
Receiving Over Half a Million Hits Per Month!

We build a sophisticated web page for you on HollywoodSuccess.com.  Your web page may contain dozens of photos, your resume, a bio, letters of recommendation, quotes, and links to your video reels.  Your mini-website on HollywoodSuccess.com can also have a link to your personal website.  A link insures that your personal site gets considerably more hits.

and Much More!
Ask us what else is included when you come in and meet us

Very Low Fees!

Our Fees for Full Premiere Membership & PR
(including all of the services listed above and more)
are approximately 90% less than those charged by typical entry-level publicists
and, as you can see, with us, you get a lot more!

There are no additional charges --
Full Premiere Membership and "PR Services Plus" includes everything listed here and more!

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