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This Is The Video to Watch First

"This is a private video that I did initially for 22 actor friends.  It was so well-accepted that several actors asked if they could share it.  It has been described as very informative, inspirational, and motivational as well as blatantly and even brutally honest.  Because of the unexpected positive feedback, we are now sharing this private video with you.

After you watch it, please take a moment to let us know how you liked it.  Thanks!"

-- Rock Riddle

This is a really good FUN show that aired live on the Actors Entertainment TV Network
(Actors Entertainment Has Over 6 Million Viewers - Click to Watch and Find Out Why)
Video streaming by Ustream - AIRED LIVE Originally on April 1, 2013

  Rock Riddle on the Red Carpet with one of his personal heroes . . .

Larry Hagman!

November 23, 2012:  What a very sad day - the world has lost a true legend. Larry Hagman was an amazing actor and a beautiful human being. He was also a hero of mine, and I am so grateful that I was able to tell him so . . . on-camera. This short video was a tribute then and is especially a tribute now. RIP Larry Hagman . . . September 21, 1931 - November 23, 2012

  An interesting interview, partially "in character," but mostly as himself

An interview with Rock Riddle at an APS Networking Event at a private estate (a top-rated video from Ed Magik TV)

 with Ric Drasin!
(Aired Live Originally on June 30, 2013)
We think you'll enjoy this show, especially if you're a fan of professional wrestling.  "AFTERBUZZ TV: WWE's SmackDown Edition" Show hosts Ric Drasin and Little Egypt (Angelina Altishin) welcome special guest stars Rock Riddle (the original "Mr. Wonderful" of professional wrestling) along with Playboy and WOW star Lana Star.


"J.J. Dillon introduces Rock Riddle who introduces Dan Haggerty"

On the evening of April 18, 2012, Rock presented the "Reel Honoree" award to multiple-award-winning actor/producer Dan Haggerty.  Dan has a great sense of humor, as you'll see, he and shares a great story in the video.  If you look closely, you'll see a number of WWE superstars, producers, and upper management people in the crowd.  Okay, producer/actor/mega-star Stone Cold Steve Austin is obvious, but see how many others you can find? 



The Rock Riddle DocuFilm ...

Filming on the feature-length Rock Riddle documentary began on December 16, 2012 and will continue through late 2014.

Producer/director Graham Denman took time out of the first day of filming to describe the who, what, when, where and why of the project. It's a fascinating video and we hope you find it interesting, informative and insightful.

Many (if not all) of our interested PR clients will be a part of this DocuFilm.


 "Celebrity OnSet"
Live From Las Vegas & Hollywood
July 25, 2013

"Celebrity Onset" is produced in Las Vegas, Nevada.  It can be viewed on Vegas TV Channel 25, Cox Cable 14, Cox HD 1014, DirectTV Channel 25, Prism TV Channel 25, and Nellis Channel 6, Monday through Friday.  It also airs in additional US and international markets. 

THE AUDIO:  We understand that the audio was good when the show aired, but technical challenges occurred with the internet version.  So, yes, the audio is bad, but understandable, here.  If you can overlook the bad audio, we think you'll enjoy the show.


A Short Video from a Special
APS/Hollywood Success Event

Normally the dress code for APS Events is "Conservative Cocktail/Semi-Formal." Occasionally we do a "theme" event; this one was "Polynesian."  Video produced by producer-writer-actress Cali Rossen.

You may need to refresh this page for
the video at left to appear . . .


Multiple-Award-Winner . . .

This is raw footage from one of our seminar events.  It is multiple award-winning producer-director-actor Ray Forchion.

Ray will be speaking for us again in the relatively near future.  Take a look.  There is some amazing insight shared with actors here.


Red Carpet Training Seminar

Raw unedited footage from a Red Carpet Training Seminar - an event that is presented live once a year in Hollywood, California.

(This is not the edited and enhanced DVD, pictured here, that we sell online - to order that DVD, please click here.)
  Think of this one as a "preview."


The Las Vegas Seminar

On the morning of April 18, 2012, Rock was a featured panelist at a huge yearly event in Las Vegas.  Video just recently became available. It features producer Al Burke, psychologist Dr. David Reiss, actor/producer Angelina Altishin (aka Little Egypt), and actor turned entertainment attorney Lauri Thompson (aka Susie Spirit.)  We think you'll like it. 



The "Mr. Wonderful" Entrance

The production arm of HighSpots released their 3 1/2 hour "Wrestle Reunion - Pro Wrestling Superstars 2012" DVD.  The producer/CEO of the company graciously gave permission for us to share a few minutes of that video with you.  For those of you who have never seen Rock Riddle's "Mr. Wonderful" ring entrance, here's your opportunity.



Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Over 36,000 people have watched this short video.  If you know who Jake Roberts is, we think you'll be impressed.

So, here's a little more insight for you into the amazing mind of one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.


A Red Carpet World Premiere Movie Event.

Rock Riddle on the red carpet (with three APS-Hollywood Success clients ready to follow).


The Iron Sheik

Rock Riddle Shares a Wrestling Story with WWE Hall of Famer (and actor) "The Iron Sheik" for the first 5 1/2 minutes of this video.  It's not a great quality video, but it is a great (and totally true) story.

PLEASE NOTE:  contains some "adult" language


The Iron Sheik . . . a Mini Tribute

A short video with some kind words from the WWE Superstar and Legend

(with considerably better video quality!)


From an APS Private Estate Networking Event . . .

Over 24,000 people have viewed this video.  It was shot at one of our Hollywood Success Networking Events at a private estate.  You may know her as WWE's "Katie Lea Burchill" or TNA's "Winter."  We know her as Katarina Leigh Waters.


Another Interview from an APS-Hollywood Success Event

Tony Tarantino shares some insight.


A "Thank You" from Rob Van Dam

A 25-second "thank you" from actor, producer and international mega-star Rob Van Dam - videotaped at an APS/Hollywood Success Networking Event in Hollywood, California


A Few More Words from Rob Van Dam

Another 25-second clip featuring Rob Van Dam that you may find very interesting.


"Fernwood 2Night"

This is a video we recently discovered on YouTube.  It is the character Rock Riddle created for "The Gong Show" staring Chuck Barris and for the TV series "Fernwood 2Night" starring Martin Mull and Fred Willard.

This clip was followed by a really good interview segment on the actual show.  Fannie Flagg was featured in the second half of the episode.  If the interview portion ever becomes available, we'll place it below.

Hollywood Success Radio Show Episode

Check Out Film Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Hollywood Success on BlogTalkRadio
(Dec. 2013) - Rock Riddle Wrestling Ring Entrance Video Package :-)


















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